The Dark Side of Paradise

Oh, the horror I have seen……….
There is a young dog , really a big puppy living in the dark, chained to the wall night and day, day in and day out, in solitary confinement, with no human or canine contact, slowly losing his mind. Paradise is all around him, mountains and open green spaces but he doesn’t see any of that. His owner keeps him chained, inside an abandoned workshop, there are piles of excrement around him, you can see he is trying to pull his chain as far as it will go in order not to soil his space. He is fed once a day but that is all, not a kind word, not a caress, not a walk, not a run, not a bone, nothing, just darkness eroding his young mind. I asked the owner, “why?”, and he said “because he kills the chickens if I let him lose” it’s just that simple to him.
He jumped on me when I went in there, he desperately pulled on his chain in order to wrap his front legs around my torso, he almost came up to my shoulders, his eyes met mine and I saw my horror reflected in his desperation.
I have not been able to sleep since.


About anyr1954

I am 57 years young, married, mother of two two legged children and five four legged children. I am about to embark in the biggest adventure of my life!!
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